Key milestones

30 years of earth observation and spatial oceanography

Today, satellites play a key role in operational oceanography. They provide continuous, long-term global observations of the physical and biological state of the ocean variables (wind, waves, sea surface temperature, ocean color, etc) that drive its variability.

CLS was created in 1986 by the French spatial agency. After 2 years , a spatial oceanography bsuiness unit was set up.

CLS Summer school San Diego 1987
Summer school San Diego 1987 with CLS

AVISO altimetry climate change

CLS teams started to develop Aviso system to archive altimetry data. The same year, the ERS-1 satellite is placed in orbit and took on board an altimeter.

TOPEX/POSEIDON mission on AVISO website
TOPEX/POSEIDON mission on AVISO website

The Topex/Poseidon satellite was launched with the objective of “observing and understanding the ocean circulation”. A joint project between Nasa and Cnes. It carried two radar altimeters and precise orbit determination systems, including the Doris system.

Aviso JasonThe observer program Jason oceans, which embodies the program experimental Topex / Poseidon is approved.


doris missionThe satellite Spot 4 satellite is launched with a Doris instrument.

protect marine resourcesCLS sold for the first time oceanographic products : elevation maps, colors of water, etc

european oceanographyCLS helps to develop the
Mersea integrated project, an European system for operational monitoring and forecasting of the ocean variables and ecosystems, on global and regional scales. This project laid the groundwork for EUROGOOS, European Global Ocean Observing system

modelling marine ecosustems

CLS started activities of modelling
marine ecosystems.

ge_sst_bwr2014CLS provides to all competitors of the legendary race The Vendée Globe real-time location tag and offers a preview to the Race service ice detection.

CLS completes its offer with the acquition of Prooceano, a Brazilian company specialises in services to offshore industries.

gliders prooceano

By purchasing Horizon Marine Inc., the American specialist in services to offshore oil companies, CLS broadened its offer to oil and gas operators.

Horizon marine energy oceanography