EU Copernicus Marine Service model Thermocline


The product is issued from the global Mercator Ocean/MyOcean operational modeling system (Cf.
The Thermocline depth is the depth at which the temperature is 2°C below the surface temperature. The Thermocline gradient is the intensity of temperature variation between the 2 levels surrounding the thermocline depth. The Shear current is the speed variation (ΔV / ΔZ in Hertz) of strongest currents between the surface and the thermocline depth

Thermocline depth,
Thermocline gradient,
Thermocline shear

Temporal coverage   
2005-12-07 to D-2

Geographical coverage
Latitude = -80/80 ; Longitude = -180/180

Vertical coverage

Spatial resolution
1/4 degree

Update frequency
3 days a week


Data access
NRT (last month, without any restart of the server)