The hydrodynamic model for the ODYSSEA Greece observatory is Delft3D-FLOW of the Delft3D software suite (https://oss.deltares.nl/web/delft3d). Delft3D-FLOW has been configured based on dynamic downscaling of CMEMS products to the grid resolution of the Thracian Sea computational domain (1/100° or ~1.1km, 10 vertical layers). In this product only the top layer is published.
Boundary conditions at the southern open boundary of the computational domain are provided on a daily basis by CMEMS Med-MFC at a horizontal resolution of 1/24°. The nesting between the two models (the physical component of the Mediterranean Forecasting System and the Thracian Sea hydrodynamic model) involves the zonal/meridional velocity components, the temperature/salinity profiles and the free surface elevation. Moreover, at each section of the open boundary the hydrodynamic model is forced by the tidal variability, originating from the TPXO 7.2 global tidal solution. Meteorological forcing is provided by NOAA’s Global Forecast System (GFS) (Provider: National Centre for Environmental Prediction, Grid/Scale: 0.125°, temporal resolution: hourly). The model also includes inputs of fresh water discharge from three major rivers (Evros, Nestos and Strymon), which are located at the northern coastline.
The Thracian Sea Hydrodynamic model produces 2 days of forecast, which is initialised by a 1 day hindcast, every day. The frequency of forecast release is daily, producing 3D hourly fields of temperature, salinity and current intensity and direction and 2D hourly fields of sea surface height.

DISCLAIMER: After 30th November 2021 this product will not be updated. This product is for demonstration purposes only. A simplified model configuration was used without full validation. It aims to demonstrate that a chain of Delft3D coastal models (hydrodynamics-waves-water quality) can be operationally run using the Delft-FEWS workflow manager and outputs can be visualized in Marinomica.


Geographical coverageTemporal coverage   
Latitude = 40.67/41.41; Longitude = 24.27/27.41

Vertical coverage

Spatial resolution
1/100 degree

Update frequency