ODYSSEA NORTH ADRIATIC SEA Dissolved Oxygen in Sediment


The North Adriatic Observatory modelling system provides regional 2-days forecast regarding hydrodynamics and biogeochemistry.

The forecasts are generated every 2 days with a horizontal resolution of about 800-900 m and a vertical resolution of 2 m (47 z-layers).

The modelling system is based on the NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean, https://www.nemo-ocean.eu/) circulation model coupled with the marine biogeochemical model BFM (Biogeochemical Flux Model, http://bfm-community.eu/).

The model is one-way nested at its open boundary within the COPERNICUS (Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service, http://marine.copernicus.eu/ ) Mediterranean Sea operational general circulation model.

The atmospheric forcing is obtained from the COSMO operational model of the Environmental Protection Agency of the Emilia Romagna Region (ARPAE), with a resolution of 2,2 km.

The river discharge is climatological for all the North Adriatic rivers with the exception of the Po river, whose discharge is provided by the ARPAE measuring station. The river nutrient load is climatological for all the North Adriatic rivers.

marco.zavatarelli@unibo.it / isabella.scroccaro@unibo.it



Geographical coverageTemporal coverage   
Latitude = 43.5/46; Longitude = 12/16

Vertical coverage
-0.65 to -1676.42

Spatial resolution

Update frequency