ODYSSEA ISRAEL Water properties


The Israel Observatory Forecast System provides regional 2-days forecast regarding ocean hydrodynamics and water properties. These forecasts are generated daily by local observatory with a horizontal resolution of 1/120º (~800m).

The system uses the numerical model MOHID to provide the forecast, running a 3D baroclinic model with 12 Sigma (first 19.4m) and 63 Cartesian (until bottom) layers.

The Open Boundary Conditions (OBCs) are defined, by superimposing the Marine Copernicus Global Physics, 0.08 degrees resolution, low frequency solution, with the high-frequency solution (tide) from Global Tide Model FES2014. The atmospheric boundary conditions, for momentum and heat, are imposed using the DWD ICON Europe 7Km Solution and NOAA Global Forecast System 0.25º.

Outputs are provided in hourly base at surface for sea level and currents, ammonia, dissolved oxygen, phosphorus, nitrate, phytoplankton, salinity, temperature and zooplankton.


mole_concentration_of_ammonium_in_sea_water mass_concentration_of_oxygen_in_sea_water mole_concentration_of_phosphate_in_sea_water mole_concentration_of_nitrate_in_sea_water mole_concentration_of_phytoplankton_expressed_as_carbon_in_sea_water sea_water_salinity sea_water_temperature mole_concentration_of_zooplankton_expressed_as_carbon_in_sea_water 
Geographical coverageTemporal coverage   

Latitude = 31.60/33.26; Longitude = 34.30/35.21

Vertical coverage
-0.65 to -1676.42

Spatial resolution
1/100 degree

Update frequency