EU Copernicus Marine Service current model sea surface height, salinity and temperature 1/12°


The Operational EU CMEMS global ocean analysis and forecast system at 1/12 degree is providing 10 days of 3D global ocean forecasts updated daily. The time series start on December 27, 2006 and is aggregated in time in order to reach a two full year’s time series sliding window. This product includes daily mean files of temperature, salinity,  sea level parameters from the top to the bottom over the global ocean.

Processing information:
The high resolution global analysis and forecasting system PSY4V3R1 uses version 3.1 of NEMO ocean model (Madec et al., 2008).

Sea surface height; Salinity; Temperature

Temporal coverage   
2016-05-18 to D+9
temporal resolution: 1day

Geographical coverage
Latitude = -80.0/90.0; Longitude = -180/179.9

Vertical coverage
0 – 5500

Spatial resolution
0.08 degree (1/12 degree)

Update frequency

Mercator ocean for EU CMEMS

Data access