EU Copernicus Marine Service current model ice 1/12°


The Operational EU CMEMS global ocean analysis and forecast system at 1/12 degree is providing 10 days of 3D global ocean forecasts updated daily. The time series start on December 27, 2006 and is aggregated in time in order to reach a two full year’s time series sliding window. This product includes daily mean files of  ice parameter from the top to the bottom over the global ocean.

Processing information:
The high resolution global analysis and forecasting system PSY4V3R1 uses version 3.1 of NEMO ocean model (Madec et al., 2008).

Sea ice eastward velocity ; Sea ice thickness
Sea ice northward velocity ; Ice concentration

Temporal coverage   
2016-05-18 to D+9
temporal resolution: 1day

Geographical coverage
Latitude = -80.0/90.0; Longitude = -180/179.9

Vertical coverage
0 – 5500

Spatial resolution
0.08 degree (1/12 degree)

Update frequency

Mercator ocean for EU CMEMS

Data access