Chlorophyll Objective Analysis


The surface chlorophyll-a concentration, a pigment which is present in the phytoplankton cells, is measured by satellite optical radiometers (passive remote sensing). Chlorophyll-a concentration is a proxy for the surface primary productivity, but represents only the surface concentration.
The product is a 8-day average, medium resolution, which is an optimal interpolation of the satellite measurements (optical radiometers) taken over the 8 previous days (giving more weight to the most recent data). The processing takes into account input data at level 1A.

This product has not gap.

Chlorophyll concentration

Temporal coverage   
2011-08-23 to D-2

Geographical coverage
Latitude = -90/90 ; Longitude = 0/360

Vertical coverage

Spatial resolution
0.04 degree

Update frequency


Data access
NRT (last month, without any restart of the server)