Chlorophyll High Resolution daily


The surface chlorophyll-a concentration, a pigment which is present in the phytoplankton cells, is measured by satellite optical radiometers (passive remote sensing). Chlorophyll-a concentration is a proxy for the surface primary productivity, but represents only the surface concentration.
The product is a 1-day average, high resolution, which is a simple data average of the satellite measurements (optical radiometers) taken over the previous day. The processing takes into account input data at level 1A.

This product may locally be highly gappy due to the presence of clouds or missing data.

Chlorophyll-a concentration

Temporal coverage   
2014-03-20 to D-1

Geographical coverage
Latitude = -80/80 ; Longitude = 0/360

Vertical coverage

Spatial resolution
0.02 degree

Update frequency


Data access
NRT (last month, without any restart of the server)