AIS positions


The AIS position collection is used to store vessel AIS positions. AIS providers are sending in NRT AIS data collected by a constellation of satellites or a network of terrestrial AIS stations.

This collection is created from the AIS position messages 1,2,3,18,19,27 (and 21 for Aids To Navigation items).

Each position is processed by CLS to:

  • link it with a vessel,via the technical identifier of a vessel (see vessel registry),
  • enrich it with vessel information retrieved from the last AIS statitc message (5 or 24) or with an external vessel database
  • qualify the location validity according to a set of specific algorithms
  • compute the  distance to shore of the svessel

This collection is organized by time and is very useful to retrieve all positions for a given vessel for a given historic period, or for a given period of time in an area of interest.

Temporal coverage   
2013-01-01 – today

Geographical coverage
Latitude = -90/90 ; Longitude = -180/180

Update frequency


Data Access
Private (CLSgroup internal usage only)