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Sargassum detection

CLS’solutions based on multi-satellite data sources
and Drift forecasting

Online catalogue : research, innovation and development of applications to work on water challenge environments

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In-depth knowledge of the marine environment and ecosystems and thus high resolution ocean, weather and water observations and forecasts. With 100 in-house oceanographers and nearly 20 years as a recognized international expert, CLS provides state of- the-art metocean data:

  • Observation and forecasts of physical ocean
  • Weather parameters
  • Ocean resources (fish stocks) on global and regional scales.
ocean weather data

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CLS is a subsidiary of CNES and CNP. We have been operating satellite systems and providing high value-added products and services since 1986.

CLS provides metocean and water data essential to design solutions for maritime operations and plan key decisions for marine environments and protecting biodiversity.

  • Products available in real-time through websites or sent by e-mail, SMS, FTP or API
  • Advanced user-friendly websites
  • Full customer care
  • A team of maritime experts
  • Confidentiality and security of data

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